Architectural Information

Exterior Modifications:
Please be sure to submit an Architectural Request through the homeowner portal on the Neighborly Community Management (NCM) website. You must receive your approval before you begin any outdoor projects. All exterior modifications, including repairs/replacements, need approval through your ALRC to ensure compliance with our Covenants and Guidelines.
Click the link to the NCM's website to log in to submit the request: Instructions for completing the request are listed in the FAQ section.
Architectural Committee
This committee meets regularly to review architectural change requests submitted by homeowners. The purpose is to ensure all exterior changes meet the guidelines of our community to preserve the appearance and value of all homes. Requests can include repainting, fence installation, pools and lanais, landscape changes, and more. 
Committee members should be able to review and understand our governing documents and guidelines to make determinations on all requests. Members may need to meet in person with an owner, visit the property, review surveys, and ask questions to understand a proposed project. 
The committee should be made up of three (3) volunteers who would like to learn and apply their knowledge to help homeowners achieve their improvement goals while abiding by community restrictions. Committee members should have good communication skills both with their fellow committee members in addition to owners and board members. 
How to Submit an Architectural Request Form - Click to download, review, or print the form. 
ALRC Minutes
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